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Hungarian as a foreign language proficiency test

The Proficiency Test is designed to provide a language proficiency certificate for scholarship students of the Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship Program in Hungary, and to offer feedback to Hungarian as a foreign language learners on their current language proficiency level.

The Proficiency Test involves a computer-based or paper-based written and in-person oral part managed by KKM Magyar Diplomáciai Akadémia Kft. in accordance with the 203/2020. (V. 14.) Government Decree on the Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship and the amendment of government decrees necessary for the operation of the Hungarian Diaspora.

The Proficiency Test determines the language level of the participants based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR): A2, B1, B2 and C1 levels. The Proficiency Test is not an accredited language exam, but it measures language skills in a similar way.

The Proficiency Test is monolingual, consists of two parts and measures 4 skills according to the CEFR:

  • written part 1.: reading (2 tasks);
  • written part 2.: writing (2 tasks);
  • oral part 1: listening (2 tasks);
  • oral part 2: speaking (2 – in case of an odd number of applicants simultaneous assessment of 3).

The comprehensive Proficiency Test takes place on a predetermined day, with the written part and listening part in the morning and speaking part in the afternoon. Proficiency Tests take place twice a year, in line with the Hungarian higher education academic calendar, during the winter and summer examination periods: in December and June.

The Proficiency Test is self-financed, after successful completion, participants receive a certificate of their achieved language proficiency level.

Dates of the 2024 Hungarian language assessment:

  • 14-15 June.
  • 6-7 December.

The deadline for the June 2024 assessment is 31 May 2024. Deadline for late applications: 7 June 2024.

A2 B1 B2 C1

Reading Writing Listening

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